3 Years… and Counting

Bernardo Caal Xol

Bernardo Caal Xol, a water and environmental defender, has been in prison for exactly three years. He is an innocent man.

Today, January 30, marks the third anniversary of the unjust detention of Bernardo Caal Xol, a professor and indigenous Mayan Q’eqchi’ human rights defender. The Human Rights Defenders Project wishes to express our grave concern and dismay that the courts continue to delay the judicial review of his case. This despite the overwhelming evidence that Bernardo is innocent of the crimes for which he was accused and sentenced to 7 years and 4 months in prison. We feel that this malicious delay is a perverse way to keep him imprisoned and away from his family, his people, and his work in defense of the environment.

Bernardo has denounced that it was for defending the rights of his community and protecting the Cahabón River –considered sacred for the Q’eqchi’ people– that powerful actors have sought to silence his voice and disrupt his work. He affirms that the OXEC Hydroelectric Company, financed by investors in Spain and Guatemala, has sought to make an example of him for daring to oppose the massive dams and their disruptive environmental impact.

On July 16, 2020, Amnesty International declared the defender Bernardo Caal Xol “a prisoner of conscience.” In a letter to Consuelo Porras, Attorney General of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Amnesty stated that it had access to the criminal case file and was able to verify serious irregularities, negligence, and lack of grounds in the investigation carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

We join the various expressions of support, solidarity and above all concern that Bernardo continues to be detained and we demand that the Guatemalan authorities seek to remedy this case of criminalization.

Libertad para Bernardo Caal Xol - Preso de Conciencia

Criminalizing human rights defenders for their work is an affront not only to the defender, but also to his or her people. In fact, it is an affront to humanity as a whole. Today more than ever, during this global pandemic, we are made aware of the essential role of water in guaranteeing our collective health and wellbeing. 

Bernardo Caal Xol is a defender of water and life. We demand his release!

Photo of Bernardo Caal Xol © Héctor Herrera

3 años… y contando

Bernardo Caal Xol

Bernardo Caal Xol, defensor del agua y del medio ambiente, lleva exactamente tres años en prisión. Es un hombre inocente.

Hoy 30 de enero, que se cumplen 3 años de la injusta detención de Bernardo Caal Xol, profesor y defensor indígena maya q’eqchi’ de los derechos humanos, manifestamos nuestra preocupación porque aún las cortes continúan dilatando las acciones de revisión de su caso, sabiendo que los delitos por los que se le acusaron y condenaron a 7 años y 4 meses de prisión no están bien sustentados. Este retardo malicioso es una perversa forma para mantenerlo preso y alejado de su familia, de su pueblo y sus justas demandas.  

Bernardo ha denunciado que es por defender los derechos de su comunidad y proteger el río Cahabón -considerado sagrado para el pueblo Q’eqchi’- que actores poderosos buscan silenciar su voz y anular su trabajo. Afirma que la compañía hidroeléctrica OXEC S.A., financiada por inversionistas de España y Guatemala, ha querido hacer de él el ejemplo de lo que le sucederá a cualquiera que quiera manifestar su oposición a esos grandes megaproyectos.

El 16 de julio de 2020, Amnistía Internacional (AI) ha declarado al defensor Bernardo Caal Xol como preso de conciencia, en carta a Consuelo Porras, Fiscal General del Ministerio Público. AI señala que tuvo acceso al expediente penal y pudo comprobar serias irregularidades, negligencias y faltas de fundamento en la investigación realizada por el MP.

Nos sumamos a las diferentes manifestaciones de apoyo, de solidaridad y sobre todo de preocupación porque Bernardo continúa detenido y demandamos a las autoridades guatemaltecas que se haga justicia en este caso de criminalización.

Libertad para Bernardo Caal Xol - preso de conciencia

Criminalizar a las personas defensoras de derechos humanos, que defienden los bienes naturales, es una afrenta no sólo para el defensor, para su pueblo, es una afrenta a la humanidad entera. Hoy más que nunca, frente a este escenario de pandemia global, en dónde el agua es uno de los bienes fundamentales para combatirla, es un deber exigir que todas aquellas personas que en diferentes partes del mundo son criminalizadas por su defensa sean liberadas. 

¡Bernardo Caal Xol es un defensor de la vida y exigimos su liberación!

La foto de Bernardo fue tomada por Héctor Herrera.

Happy Birthday Bernardo Caal

Bernardo Caal and his family

Hello everyone!

We have an important favor to ask of you. In one week, on January 13, Guatemalan human rights activist Bernardo Caal will celebrate his 49th birthday… in prison.

Bernardo is a loving husband, dedicated father, respected teacher, and committed defender of the environment and the rights of indigenous people.

However, for daring to question the environmental impact of a massive, foreign-owned hydroelectric dam on the Cahabón River – and the negative effect on the indigenous farming communities who live along that river – Bernardo was convicted in a sham trial to 7 years and 4 months in prison.

Amnesty International declared, in June of 2020, that “Bernardo Caal Xol, a Q’eqchi’ Maya Indigenous leader and Guatemalan human rights defender, is a prisoner of conscience who has been wrongfully imprisoned for more than two years.”

Dania and I had the privilege of meeting Bernardo in prison, shortly before the COVID crisis made such visits impossible. Despite putting on a brave face for us, it was evident that his time in prison was beginning to exact a heavy mental, emotional, and physical toll.

With the arrival of the Coronavirus in Guatemala, his situation has only grown more dire. Placed under lockdown, Bernardo is forced to live in inhumane conditions, crowded into the same room as 180 other prisoners. Due to COVID restrictions, family visits are severely limited (his mother and daughters aren’t allowed to visit.) His health has suffered, and his appeal process has been stalled in a backlogged legal system.

Bernardo just wrote, in a letter from prison, “Upon receiving my teaching certificate, I returned to my community. It was there that I became conscious of the injustices, of the abandonment in which the indigenous communities are forced to live: without schools, without teachers, without any of the basic services that the State is obligated to provide.” He adds: “And I, for the third consecutive year, will celebrate my birthday in this place of torture called prison.”

Dania and I would like to invite you to send Bernardo birthday wishes and messages of support and encouragement. We will gladly collect, translate (if necessary), and send your messages to Bernardo before his birthday.

Let’s stand with this brave man during his dark days of suffering and seclusion. Let’s lift him up with our messages of support and solidarity. Please leave a message below or email it to rob@defendersproject.org. Don’t forget to mention your location (city, state, country.) Please share this note with your contacts!

A moment of your time will make an enormous difference to Bernardo and his family! Thank-you.